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Get a bigger, more toned butt without breaking a sweat, in the comfort of your home in just 10 minutes a day! 

✅ New and Advanced electric muscle stimulation technique that reaches deep into your muscles to grow them quickly and make them more defined while reducing cellulite signs.

✅ Grow your butt without doing endless hours of workouts in the gym, this machine does the hard work for you and only needs 10 minutes a day. 

✅ the easy-to-use design just needs you to patch the Pro buttlift onto your butt and the simple remote control shows you how to work. 

✅ 6 modes and 10 intensity levels or every butt size, grow from any size into your desired size.

✅ 10 minutes a day of the Pro Buttlift is equal to: 100 squats + 50 lunges + 50 deadlifts + 20 banded side step

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✅ Lifetime Guarantee

Build a Better Butt - Here's How - Shawna K

Does your butt look like a flat pancake?! This is a real problem... but we are not here to call you out on that, we are here to help. because having a flat butt can really lower your confidence but for some of us, training and growing your butt is just not easy. 

some spend hours a day in the gym doing booty camps and still see barely any results. So we came up with this new and improved technique to train your butt without breaking a sweat! 

Now imagine growing that flat pancake into a beautiful toned hourglass shape that men (and even women) cannot take their eyes off of. 

Say hi to the Pro buttlift. 


Don't take our word for it, see what happy customers are saying!

"I love using this after my workouts since it’s like a personal massage and if I happen to skip a workout day, I can use this to keep up with my muscle growth." Sophia K,. United States
"Have been using this 20+ minutes a day for a couple months. I honestly see the shape of my butt changing!Jessica D,. United States
" have done EMS at wellness facilities and I am pleasantly surprised how good this at home experience is. It is pretty easy to use, you can feel it work your muscles, and the pads last a lot more than I anticipated." James A, United States


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Customers asked these questions

Q1: Does it hurt? 

A1: No! the  butlift sends out tiny electric pulses to make your muscles contract. there are 10 intensity levels so you can decide yourself how strong the pulses are. 

Q2: how long does it take before my butt gets bigger?

A2: We recommend using the device 10/20 minutes a day for at least 3/4 weeks before seeing result, just like a regular gym schedule. 

Q3: I don't feel anything, is mine broke?

A3: Probably not, make sure to wet the electrode pads and place them tightly on your skin. attach all the pads to your body then turn it on to work. 


With host x1, beautiful buttocks patch x1, color box and manual x1


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