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Superclean™ - 5-in-1 Electric waterproof facial cleaning brush.

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" I'm so glad I purchased this because it really does work, well for me at least, but I'm sure facial cleansing brushes are effective for just about anyone so if you're not sure if you should buy it, I'm telling you right now, do it." - Kaila S,. Verified customer

The #1 reason for spots and acne on your face: Clogged Pores

It’s easy to skip washing your face at night, but the negatives far outweigh the positives of this lazy habit. Sleeping in makeup can clog your pores and invite acne onto your face. It also can irritate your eyes and cause bumps to form on the skin close to your eyes. (, 2020)


The all-in-one face cleaning tool that you can use under the shower! 

Clean your face like never before and get a shiny, spot-free skin in no time with the 5-in-1  Superclean™. This waterproof skin cleaner is guaranteed to clean all your pores and dirt on your face making sure you have shiny skin in no time! 

With its 4 interchangeable heads, you can rest assured that this all in one tool is the only device you need to clean your face. it is battery powered and has 2-speed settings to make sure you can give your skin a deep clean from home.  



Why customers around the world LOVE the 5-in-1  Superclean™

Electric face brush - It can be hard to motivate yourself to take off your makeup at night before you go to sleep. with the 5-in-1  Superclean™, you will be able to clean your face within minutes. 




Deep cleaning - with 4 interchangeable heads, an electric function, and 2-speed options. The 5-in-1  Superclean™ will make sure to give your skin the deep clean it deserves and does so in the most comfortable way. 



For sensitive skin - The soft brush and the low-speed setting will make sure not to hurt your skin in case it is affected by acne allready. 




Easy to use and waterproof - Using an electrical face cleaning device saves you a lot of time and cleans better and deeper than doing this by hand. The waterproof design allows you to even deep clean your face in the shower, unlike other electric face brushes! 


waterproof face cleaner


Comes with multiple brush heads - Keep using your brush while sanitizing used brush heads at the same time. Give your skin a full all in one beauty cleans with the 5-in-1  Superclean™




✅ Perfect for traveling - Its small handheld size makes it the perfect on the go face cleaner. The 5-in-1 design makes sure it doesn't take up too much space in your bag.



So we all know that feeling of laziness before going to bed, not wanting to clean the makeup off your face, or doing a good deep clean making sure you get it all off. 

Unfortunately, the regret of doing this usually is very big the morning after. since acne can easily build up during the night if your pores aren't deep cleaned before going to bed. 

Make sure you deep clean your face so your pores don't get clogged and acne comes alive on your skin. 

With the  5-in-1  Superclean™, it takes less than a minute to deep clean your face before going to bed.

This means your face will be shiny and spot-free the next day! 

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Why keep washing your face by hand if you don't have to?


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Frequently asked questions

Q1:   Is it something I can use every day?

A1:  Yes, we even recommend using it every day to make sure your skin you go to bed with clean skin always.

Q2:  Can I use this facial cleansing brush under the shower?

A2: yes, unlike most other facial cleaners that are electric, this one is waterproof. 

Q3:  Do I need to replace the brush heads?

A3: We recommend replacing the brushes after 90 days or as soon as a brush head shows signs of wear.

Q4: Do we have to buy and place batteries in ourselves? in?

A4: Yes



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