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EZ ICE - Non spill efficient silicone ice tray

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The easy pop-out ice cubes that cool drinks quicker


Easy Pop-out - The unique honeycomb shape and material makes it easy to pop out the ice when you need it and provides a bigger surface for quicker cooler drinks.

It's SAFE - BPA safe food-grade silicone with non-toxins inside unlike other cheap brands

NO spill - Attachable lid so you don't spill the water all over the fridge, countertop, or floor

Fits in fridgeStackable and Removable Cover with a lid that prevents ice from absorbing other food air in the refrigerator

Clean in seconds - Smooth silicone surface for easy cleaning.

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Done spilling water all over the fridge, floor, and countertop trying to make some simple ice cubes? or Maybe ripping apart your fingers to try and get out these so needed ice cubes from these bulky old hard plastic trays. 

Ice should NOT be so hard to get out of an ice tray, and the EZ ICE makes sure it is not, while also giving you ice cubes in a unique shape that make your drinks colder quicker. 

"They pop out easily with a little pressure on the bottom of the tray. Each tray has a flexible cover that helps keep the cubes from picking up any smells or debris in the freezer and it makes them easy to stack" James A, United States

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