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EZ Strips - Motion sensor USB rechargeable lighting

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  • 3+1 FREE (Only 10 left)
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Light up the dark spots WITHOUT clicking a button.

These motion sensor light strips are what you need to lighten up all the darker spots in the house, easily place them on any surface with the adhesive strip or magnetic base. 
The USB rechargeable function makes these strips a lifelong investment that is more eco-friendly than using standard lights or batteries. 

✅ Super Efficient - NO MORE searching for the light switch in the dark

✅ Automated - Auto on/off function for those who forget to turn off the lights all the time

 Easy Install - 30 seconds hassle-free installation

✅ Eco-friendly - USB rechargeable LED lights 

✅ Place it anywhere - Wireless smart lighting solution with a multi-purpose design

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"I own these already but this set is for gifts. Every time my family is over and in my kitchen, they're envious over my automatic cabinet lighting. I decided to get them their own. I can't tell you what a difference this makes inside closets and cabinets. I have them everywhere. Open the door and you have light" Sophia K,. United States


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