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Neverfade™ - Always Working USB Rechargeable electric candle Lighter.

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"if you have that special someone that has everything, this is the perfect gift! It comes beautifully boxed with a charger & works like a dream! The lighter that never runs out of fuel that’s sleek & chargeable! It even tells you when it’s ready to be charged! Great item!" - Misty D,. United States


NEVER again struggle lighting Candles at home!

No matter if this is about burned fingertips, lighters being out of fuel or you not being able to reach down in these deep candle jars. 

The problem is, plastic lighters are flimsy, matches burn your fingertips, and long-reach butane lighters smell bad and constantly need costly refilling. You need a light, but you could definitely do without the hassle of traditional lighters and matches.

There’s got to be a better way, you’re thinking.

We’re here to tell you there is! The Neverfade™ USB-Rechargeable Candle Lighter.


✅ Light up your candles effortlessly!  The arc lighter is much more than a rechargeable unit or a candle lighter. These devices are ingeniously engineered to work in any given situation. With an elegant flexible neck that can rotate 360°. Perfectly designed to reach those hard to light candles when the wick is too far in.



✅ Environmentally friendly. Whether you're considering making a bold environmental statement or looking to gear up for future trips. We have just the thing for YOU! The concept of a flameless lighter is quite revolutionary and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's butane-free, propane-free, and completely safe. All these thanks to a GROUNDBREAKING technology built into the Neverfade™ 



✅ The "Arc" Technology. For tailgating and the great outdoors, the "Arc" lighters are the best ones to pick up. Their unique curved design and flameless nature make them wind-proof with inch-perfect precision, ready-to-go! So, instead of a flame, an arc lighter produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electricity that is hotter than a traditional lighter, but in a more concentrated area.


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The Neverfade™ will last you a LIFETIME with one ingenious feature...

✅ Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice. To reduce waste and maximize usability. The Neverfade™ is  virtually designed to LAST FOREVER. With a charge level display and USB connector. You can fully recharge your lighter in merely 60 minutes by plugging it into your computer. It's as simple as that and one full charge will let You light 300 candles without a recharge. Deeming any other lighter unworthy.




✅ Multiple security measures. And despite the high voltage and the fact that it generates more heat than an ordinary gas lighter. The Neverfade™  is completely safe and secure. It's equipped with a safety switch for children, short-circuit protection, and a leakage prevention mechanism.



" I never have to buy another lighter ever again" 

Ouch! You just burned your fingertips - again - trying to light that beautiful jar candle that’s just a little too deep. You’ve tried everything - pinching long matches, turning the jar upside-down, even using one of those “stick” lighters you need to click a million times - to try and get to the wick.

Nothing’s worked so far, and now the inside of the jar, the tips of your fingers, and your mood have all seen better days. Then, a gust of wind blows by or the air conditioning and your carefully-protected lighter flame goes poof - extinguished, along with your patience.

You deserve to enjoy your beautifully-fragranced candles, your favourite cigarettes, your grill - but getting a light where you need it most isn’t easy. Frankly, ‘regular’ lighters just aren’t up to the job - what you need is a Neverfade™ Candle Lighter!

What our customers say about the neverfade™

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“It's quite interesting. A lighter that flames without fire?! I couldn't believe it... but, it works! I had a hard time understanding it at first, but honestly, it's very elegant. I don't need to buy another lighter or fill it with butane or anything else. It lights my candles in a snap. And the foldable neck is useful to get weird angles ... I feel like it's going to last a while! Good buy!” Katie Burnett - Pierce Shores, Florida

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“These lighters are incredible for lighting candles and grills! No need to buy a new lighter every couple of days or to fill it up with lighter fluid. Just put the lighter in the lit position, press the button to activate it, hold it down and you're ready to go. And you have a nice little arc that can light anything!” Lydia Flores - Houston, Texas

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“I love it! To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect when I ordered it, but it's a great gadget! The best part is that its rechargeable. We love candles in our house and I hate when the big candles are too low because the glass gets hot before you can light it. So, it's very practical. I'm happy with the purchase.” Jerry M. Anderson - Dalles, Oregon

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Why keep burning your thumbs lighting candles if you don't have to?


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Risk-Free Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction

Our Arc Lighter comes with a 100% risk-free warranty to protect you from any problems related to the delivery or the equipment condition. On top of that, we are so confident that you will love our Gas-Free Lighter that we are offering you 7 days to return your product. No question asked!


Frequently asked questions

Q1:  Does it have child safety feature?
A1: Yes, the Candle lighter with a ON/OFF safety switch can protect your children from danger.
Q2:  Is the switch hard to use my other lighters like this to hard for me frustrated
A2: No. The switch is a simple press of a button and stays on for 7 seconds untill the safety switch turns it of. 
Q3:  With a bbq gas grill - will this reach down to the burner tubes without the need to lift the grate?
A3: Yes; it’s as long as one of those extended butane lighters.
Q4: Is it worth the money?
A4: Yes! although this price seems high, you will never have to buy another butane lighter again, never worry about lighter fluid to recharge those and a single charge lasts for 300+ candles. So we think it is definitely worth it.


The neverfade™ story

We are a team with a rebellious spirit and a noble purpose. Unlike many people, we share a mutual distaste for the stench of butane and burning our fingers lighting candles. Given that we are also environmental activists, this has fuelled us even more to pursue our cause.

We wanted to save the Earth, one product at a time. And to normalize all the eco-friendly products out there, for the greater good under the “Neverfade” flag. We knew this was going to be a daunting challenge. Yet we aspire to inspire you, and all those who share the same conviction, to take part in our lofty movement and help us aim even higher. And that's exactly why we chose the neverfade™ lighter as a foundation of our platform to kick off this journey. (and help you light your candles quick&easy)

Safety Notes:
Do not touch the electrodes of the lighter - it can result in a small shock. Keep away from children. Do not expose lighter to fire, do not puncture lighter. Do not expose to temperatures over 122F (50C). Avoid lighter's contact with water. Do not light wet or humid things. If in rare cases lighter gets extremely hot and you smell burnt something inside, do not use it again.

Shell Material: Zinc alloy
Craft: PVD ice plating
Size: 255x15x15mm

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Neverfade™ - Always Working USB Rechargeable electric candle Lighter.

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Sterling Silver (Most Popular)
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