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Sewni - The Lightweight Portable Sewing Machine

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Variant: Sewni Ivory White (4 LEFT)

  • Sewni Ivory White (4 LEFT)
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A Quick fix for your Curtains, Favorite Dress or the Kid's ripped jeans and stuffed animals!

Are you tired of buying a new pair of jeans every time your kid gets naughty and rips open another new pair? Or maybe spending all the time on that big old bulky sewing machine that takes up so much space and takes ages to repair all the damaged clothes and curtains? (which you have to take off first).

Well, we have just the thing for you with this portable handheld sewing machine! 

✅ Lightweight handheld sewing machine so you can repair anything on the spot and on the go, perfect for all you emergency sewing at home or on the road which means you'll never walk around in ripped clothes ever again!

✅  Small and portable design so you can save some space at home putting together that big old bulky "real" sewing machine which means you will be more willing to fix rather than just replace your ripped jeans

✅  Applicable to all materials so you can fix your curtains on the spot and sew without even taking your clothes of which means you will save a LOT of time (and energy) 

 ✅  User-friendly 4 thread set point Design with only one button so even a complete beginner with no sewing skills can now start sewing which means you can stop asking mom for help


✅  The handheld sewni is way faster than a normal old sewing machine so you will be more likely to repair instead of replace your ripped clothes which means you will save a lot of money! 


✅  A great gift for your sister, mom or even grandma! make the job of sewing easy, fun, and accessible again. The sewni is the way to go when it comes to sewing the quick and easy way, no matter what age you are. 

"I use it to fix the window curtains. Don’t need to take whole heavy curtains down. And my daughter borrowed it to make her project, too. Super Happy With my Sewni!!" Amber A,. United States


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Stop wasting money on buying new clothes if you do not have to!


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