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Premium Primepump™ - Portable 150PSI tire inflator.

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this was exactly what I was looking for. It's built well simple to use and comes with all the necessary adaptors so you can even use it to fill a football, basketball, etc. The display makes it easy to set an appropriate psi and then you start it and it does the rest. I love it and love that it runs on battery power so I don't need to find an outlet if I'm in a bind. J Robinson,. Verified customer

The quick, easy, and reliable way to inflating any flat tire on autopilot! 

Have you ever come out to your bicycle and found your tire flat, or found yourself inflating your tires but not knowing the exact pressure on them on those cold days? if this has happened to you as it has too many others then this is an inflator that you can rely on! 

Now you can explore the outdoors like never before with our signature Primepump™ . This air inflator is guaranteed to work as hard as you do whether it's hot or cold outside,  it is guaranteed to serve as the perfect companion the next time you decide to conquer the roads on your bicycle.

This inflator is made to be durable, portable, and works on all tires. We are on a mission to ensure that you never have to worry about inflating your tires inaccurate and manual. 




Why thousands of cyclists use the Primepump™  before their ride?

Inflates automatically - The easy to use display lets you choose your desired tire pressure, once connected just press the inflate button and it will auto-shutoff once filled! 


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Works on any tire - No matter if you are riding a road bicycle, mountain bike or maybe a race bike. This inflator works on every sort of tire. it's even possible to inflate car tires with the Primepump™ 


car tire inflator portable usb rechargeable


Inflate up until 10.3 Bar / 150 PSI - Even though the Primepump™ is as small as a water bottle. It is stronger than you think and can inflate any tire up to 150PSI within minutes! 


bicycle tire inflator portable usb rechargeable


Easy to use portable design - With the size of a water bottle this inflator is super easy to carry along, it also comes with a special bike mount and a carry on pouch so you always have a back up if you would get a flat tire. 


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USB rechargeable - Easily charge the inflator with any USB outlet. Pc, power bank, or normal plug and it's even possible to charge the Primepump™ in the car outlet. Making sure it's always charged to fill up your tires.


usb rechargeable portable air inflator


Integrated Powerbank and Flashlight - We think about your safety, with the Primepump™ comes an integrated flashlight for the darker days or nights, and you can plug your phone into it to let it work as a power bank charging your phone.


wireless bicycle tire inflator

We all know the feeling of getting ready for a nice bicycle ride only to realize your tire is FLAT once you get to your bike... 

This happens to the best of us but can be extremely annoying, especially when you are in a hurry. 

You can quickly manually inflate your tire but this way you usually do not know the exact pressure which can lead to your tires ripping quicker. 

But now imagine if there would be a quick and easy way to fill up these flat tires AND know the exact pressure your put in them, and all of this on autopilot!

This is all possible with the Primepump™ 


See how the primepump inflates any tire quickly and easily within minutes! The strong pressure inflator will inflate your tires in double the time standard inflators do! 


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Why keep manual inflating if you dont have to?


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Frequently asked questions

Q1:   Does it come with a case to keep all the loose parts together?

A1:  It comes with a soft sleeve that will fit the pump and its accessories. we will also provide a bike mount to take your pump along.

Q2:  How many psi can it pump per charge?

A2:  I pumped 2 road bike tires to 110lbs and it’s still fully charged.

Q3:   Is the battery replaceable?

A3:  It’s rechargeable.

Q4:  Does this compressor measure tire pressure to know how much they have before inflating? Thank you very much

A4: Yes it does! once connected to a tire it shows the current pressure. you then can easily choose your desired pressure.



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