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SmartPulse - Remote controlled at home neck massage

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Experience instant pain relief from home with the improved Smartpulse neck massager in just 10 minutes a day!

✅ Relieves neck and upper back stiffness, headaches, and fatigue

✅ Reduces and corrects forward head and neck posture which causes neck pain

✅ Loosens up your muscles and stretches your neck after a long day of work

✅ Upgraded Technology with Built-in magnetic stones pulses deeply into the muscles, Along with the 38-42℃ hot compress function, it ensures a deep and comprehensive massage.

✅ 6 Massage Modes that you can cycle through for enjoyment according to your needs.

✅ Save time and money going to a physical therapist

✅ FREE worldwide shipping today

✅ Lifetime Guarantee


Who doesn't love scrolling through their TikTok feed...? you can have endless hours of fun, but this fun can quickly come to an end due to you looking down on your phone and your neck starting to hurt. 

The repetitive use of computers, tablets, and phones cause your head to lean forward which increases the pressure and can make your head feel up to 5 times heavier than it actually is! 

this can cause headaches, poor posture, fatigue, soreness, neck pain, and dizziness. if this is something you are feeling, you might want to relax your neck muscles now!  


Neck pain can drive you crazy, and seeing a physical therapist each week costs time and money (around $2400 a year on average if you go each week). This is not a very efficient way to get pain relief, and also cannot be done multiple times a week, unless you got very deep pockets. 

But now imagine a cheap way to relieve your neck pain from the comfort of your home? with our Smartpulse neck massager this is possible. 

At the cost of ONE single physical therapy session you can now have ENDLESS neck massages at home (and trust me, this massager does as good as a job as a physical therapist who relaxes your muscles). 

But don't take our word for it! see what our happy (and neck pain-free) customers are saying. 



" It's very easy to use and feels incredible when I'm at work taking a short break from checking on the lines and gauges. I come inside, loosen up my boots and place this device around my neck, turn it on and literally a few minutes later I feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energized." Sophia K,. United States


" We really like this massager because it is easy to use and it is SIMPLE. The idea of having to navigate through a lot of settings and find the right one is frustrating to me. This one just had one setting and you just plug it in and turn it on and you are off and running. Thank you for a nice product that isn't so confusing." Jessica D,. United States


" This handheld massager is sturdy, has a strong massaging effect that works out the tightness in my neck and associated pain.
Great price, great quality, and super fast shipping! Highly recommend." James A, United States


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Click the "buy it now" button to relieve your neck pain in the comfort of your own house without wasting time and money on physical therapists so you can scroll through TikTok without a problem. 

Customers asked these questions

Q1: How does it work?

A1: just like a physical therapists massages your muscles to get out the tension, the smartpulse uses tiny electric shocks to make the muscles contract and lose the tension in them. 

Q2: Is this safe?

A2: yes! what the smart pulse does is send tiny electric shocks in your muscles so they contract. this pulsing contraction relieves tension stuck in the neck muscles. 

Q3: does it require batteries?

A3: no, the neck massager is USB rechargeable and comes with a USB cord. 


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