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The Trident Dock - 4-in-1 Wireless Charger (phone/ airpods/ smart watch)

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Have your iPhone, AirPods, AND apple watch 100% charged quickly and at once so you NEVER run out of power in urgent situations all while instantly replacing your tangled mess of broken cables with one smart charging station!


✅ Wireless charging for hands-free recording or calling with your friends

✅ Magnetic base allows both vertical and horizontal view

✅ Use only ONE cable to charge up to 3 devices at once

✅ Compatible with all apple devices

✅ Gets rid of cable mess and non-working cables on your desk for increased focus and lowered frustrations.

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"Super easy, just have it plugged in on the table and put my phone there when I am doing things on the computer. It can even be a phone stand when you want to face time and charge your phone at the same time." Badnaa,. S - Verified customer


Are you done holding your phone when making TikTok's at home? Are you tired of your arm hurting from laying in an awkward position having to charge your phone with a BROKEN cable when on the phone for hours with your friends? 

Well, we have just the thing for you with the Trident Dock!

Now you can Quick Charge 3 Apple devices wireless without having to hold your phone! 

This phone stand is perfect for quick charging 3 devices at once. it has a sleek design and will look perfect on your desk! 

The trident dock holds and charges your phone, AirPods AND smartwatch at the same time, and it is compatible with any device from iPhone to samsungs to airpods and ipads! 

Now you can have these long facetime conversations without your battery running low, and without your arm starting to hurt. 

With the Trident dock, all of this is in the past. 


This brand new wireless charger is powerful and fast!  

 4-in-1 Wireless charger and Phone stand: Perfect for prolonged desk work, watching movies or calling without having to hold your phone. Making at home desk work more comfortable and relieving the pain in your arms from holding your phone when calling. The Trident dock bridges the gap between wired and wireless charging! 



 Charge ALL your gear at once: Top and bottom respectively built-in with 15W charging chip, Qi-Certified support fast charge, can simultaneously charge 3 devices 5 TIMES FASTER than traditional methodsWhich means you will never be out of power when you have to leave on the spot.


   A clean desk guaranteed: Say goodbye to a dirty-looking desk filled with cables for your devices! the trident dock makes quick work of this and guarantees your desk look tidy so you can focus on work. The design of the trident dock is also beautifully crafted for a cool desk aesthetic. 


 Charge with phone caseSupport cases under 5 mm/0.2inch thick and won't affect charge (Metal cases, metal attachments, Buckle ring case, or cards in case can interfere with charging). This means you can always charge your phone without a problem or having to pick it apart. This is true seamless magnetic absorption.

 Supports all Qi-enabled devices: It holds all sizes of phones, Ipads and can be adjusted as well. Works both horizontally and vertically, scroll through your chats easy or switch to portrait mode to watch your favorite show without having to hold your phone! 



🚫 Neck pain relief: a 2016 study showed that over 80% of people who do over 48 hours of desk work a week suffer from severe neck pain. One of the main issues of this is looking down on your phone. The elevated trident dock can reduce these issues by putting your phone at a better angle. to look at. (J, community lab,. 2016)


Tech Neck - Naperville magazine


Binge-watching is not always easy... The moment you are on a tiktok streak or a Netflix binge on your phone and your battery start running low, You know you have to make your way to your charger, but calling and charging at the same time is not always very comfortable, easy, or efficient.  

But imagine having a third arm, an arm that holds your phone while watching something, AND charges your phone at the same time. 

well, This "arm" is now available for you!

We have the perfect solution for wireless phone charging and binging at the same time with the Premium trident dock.

Now, you never have to worry about your arm hurting holding your phone when making calls!

AND you can rest assured, that the trident dock will hold your phone fully charged and in place, even when your group chats are buzzing non-stop!  


P.S it's 50% OFF today! Celebrate the 2021 tiktok era with us and make your life easier now. 

Why hold your phone and strain your neck if you don't have to?

Click the green "buy it now" button now to order yours today and receive FREE worldwide shipping to your doorstep. 


100% no-risk money-back guarantee.

Our Premium trident dock comes with a 100% risk-free warranty to protect you from any problems related to the delivery or the equipment condition. On top of that, we are so confident that you will love our trident dock that we are offering you 7 days to return your product. No question asked!

Customers asked these questions:

Q1:  Does this charge your phone overnight, charge it when you're on a call, and it won't drain my battery when I sleep?

A1:  As long as you leave your phone on the stand, it will charge the phone till it is full. It will be full when you wake up.

Q2:  Will this work for iPhone 12 pro?

A2: Yes! it works with all iPhone/Samsung devices. 

Q3:    Can you use this phone stand even if you have a case on your phone?

A3: Please make sure the thickness of your device is no more than 13mm (0.51 in), it will be fine if your phone case is not too thick.





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