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Premium ShapeSnatch - Hourglass waist Shaper

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Size: One Size Fits All

  • One Size Fits All
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 Instantly snatch your waist and belly to show your perfect body curves with this invisible band to create that desired hourglass shape

✅  Completely invisible underneath your clothing so you can wear it anywhere without feeling embarrassed. 

✅ Smoothes your waistline and back bulges for an instant smaller looking (snatched) waist

✅ Smoothes your tummy flab and love handles for an instant hourglass shape.

✅ Supports your back for improved posture and reduces back pain.

✅ Improved latex-free fabric for extra grip, stay in place even during daily tasks (does not slide down unlike competitor waist bands)

✅ Extra long one size fits all makes sure your whole waist gets covered for extended support, elastic material makes it easy to still breath while wearing it.

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Staying in shape isn't always easy, especially this last year with gyms being closed and basically the world being on fire. 

Keeping your waist slim can be difficult, but what is more difficult is the shame of walking around with love handles hanging over your jeans. 

Love handles can be embarrassing to deal with. If your lower back fat is showing through your clothes or “spilling” over your pants, it can create the appearance of fat on either side of your body, just above your hips. Unfortunately, there are not many things to love about love handles.

But we are here to help you with that! 

How to get rid of love handles - CNET

The Premium ShapeSnatch is a long waistband trainer that can be worn invisibly under your clothes and even during exercises without sliding off. it covers your whole tummy and core area to hit all the spots and hide the loose hanging flaps. This waist trainer instantly covers excess body fat so you can go outside in extreme confidence again. 

But don't take our word for it, see what our happy customers are saying! 


"Ladies mine came. The wrap it does what they say it do. Can’t tell at all that I am wearing the ShapeSnatch" Sophia K,. United States


"I  love this wrap band! It is super easy to put on and super comfortable! I love that you can adjust it however you want. Most importantly how it covers you completely. It wasn’t supposed to ship out till the end of the month but I already got it and I’m so happy with my purchase!." Jessica D,. United States


"it is very comfortable, gives me good support for my waist, and makes me unable to hunch back!! I will buy one for my friend; it is very suitable for people who are doing exercise." Kim A, United States


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New mothers LOVE The Shapesnatch


Customers asked these questions

Q1: Does my size matter?

A1: No Queen, you are beautiful as you are, apart from that. this band is a one size fits all. just wrap it around as many times as needed. then just attach the velcro and you are done. 

Q2: how long should I wear it daily?

A2:  For optimal results, we recommend wearing the waist trainer at least 3 times per week. 

Q3: will my waist really get slimmer? 

A3: yes! but obviously, there are other factors that influence waist size too like diet and exercise. this band will increase your blood flow and burn belly fat quicker but we cannot influence these other factors. that is personal of course. 


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