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PRO WEEDKILLER™ - Standing root weed remover.

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"it removes the weed and root, and because I do not have to bend up and down to pull weeds, it saves my back and legs from aching." Anthony B,. Verified customer


The deep root weed remover that saves your back and knees this summer! 

Remove weeds like never before and create the garden you have always dreamed of with our signature WEEDKILLER™. This lightweight long arm stick is guaranteed to pull out even the deepest roots of the weeds making sure they will never return. 

No matter if it is bindweed, quckgrass or canada thistle, the WEEDKILLER™ gets rid of them without a problem AND without you bending over. Saving you back and knees in the process. 

The easy made design of the WEEDKILLER™ is the go-to solution for quick, easy and painless gardening. 

"Herbicides increased yields by decreasing weeds. And chemicals kept soils fertile, making for more vigorous, more productive crops. Over time, we’ve learned that these claims are exaggerated if not completely false." - (planetnatural,. 2020)



Tired of trimming grasses over and over again only to see them fully-grown the next day? Then take them out from their roots!

Here is why everyone with a garden LOVES the WEEDKILLER™


✅ INNOVATIVE DESIGN The WEEDKILLER™  grabs weeds by their roots completely with a newly engineered 3-pronged head which makes sure they will not grow back 



No Chemicals Required - Keep your garden or lawn chemical free with this natural way to easily get rid of weeds. Making sure your family or pets are not in danger at any time.

 "You want to make your lawns and landscapes — the places where your children play — as safe as possible. Our selection of safe, effective lawn care products — from fertilizers to weed killers — will guarantee you’ve created the healthiest and best-kept outdoor environment possible." 



 BACKACHE-FREE WEEDING Made with your convenience in mind! The long size of its handle allows you to do the job without stooping and bending — preventing painful backaches.



 DURABLE MATERIAL -  Made from durable stainless high strength steel, making it easy to lift, remove even the toughtest weeds without a problem.



 ALL IN ONE TOOL -  You can easily take off all kinds of weeds(dandelions, thistles, flowers, and other plants), so you can make gardening fun, easy and quick again. 



✅ EASY TO USE - This tool is designed with a pressable spring that makes the claw bite the roots. So all you need to do is simply press the spring, twist, and pull!



Remove all weeds in 3 easy to follow steps:

STEP 1 - Place pointed claw over the weed to be removed and push the weeder into the ground firmly using the force of your foot.

STEP 2 - Twist the handle to one side and uprooted weed.

STEP 3 - Press the button to remove the weed.




    So we all know gardening can be a lot of work, especialy during early spring and summer those weeds just keep popping up all over the place, even when you thought you just removed all of them! 

    keeping your garden clean, tidy and weed free can be troublesome and the amount of work can make your back and knees hurt, 

    Luckily, we came with the PERFECT solution to this problem which will help you enjoy gardening more than ever and have your garden looking good in a matter of minutes. 

    With the WEEDKILLER™ you'll have all your weeds removed quick, easy and pain free! 

    "Considering a lawn spray costs $8-$12 to kill a few weeds it will pay for itself and starting paying for itself quickly." Durango,. United States



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    Risk-Free Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction

    All our product come with a 100% risk-free warranty to protect you from any problems related to the delivery or the equipment condition. On top of that, we are so confident that you will love our products that we are offering you 7 days to return your product. No question asked!


    Frequently asked questions

    Q1:   Does it leave a big hole that needs to be patched?

    A1:  It leaves a hole but It does not need patching. unless you stick it in multiple times.

    Q2:  Would this work on rock landscaping to get the weeds that have grown between the rocks?

    A2: it can work but it depends on the amount of rocks, if there are too many the hooks might not be able to grab the root of the weeds.

    Q3:  how long is the stick? 

    A3:  50*23*5cm



    Toll Free number: + 1 855 5699131

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: ABS (Handle), Stainless Steel (Prongs)
    • Size: 50*23*5cm
    • Weight: 540g
    • Color: Green
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